Match report: 1s V Ark, 17th Jan 2015

Team: Suz, Janelle, Jen, Gilly, Chief, Lozza, Sarah B, Soph, Amy

We arrived in Chertsey and so did the snow! As the cold was nipping at our fingers we were eager to start our warm up…and what a hell of a warm up it was, spectators had never seen a diamond like it!

We went on court ready for a solid win. For the first two minutes play was erratic as the ball was completely soaked, but as it dried we settled into the game. We played the ball well down the court and showcased some great attacking moves and feeding into the circle. Ark equally playing a solid game and, with two excellent shooters, managed to keep up with us. Q1. 15-11 NUNS.

The second quarter followed much like the first, although our spacing across court worked much better. We defended well all the way through court and kept the pressure on. Q2. 30-24 NUNS

Half time provided some time to regroup and assess how we could put some distance between us and Ark, while actually enjoying the game! A couple of changes were made and we went back on raring to go. We all seemed to step up a gear in defence this quarter and reacted well to turn overs. This allowed us to pull away to a 10 goal lead. Q3. 42-32 NUNS.

Comfortably ahead in the final quarter we continued to keep focused, while testing out some key moves from training. Gilly produced some epic dummy passes into the circle with the biggest smile you have ever seen! We pulled away again and finished the game with a comfortable win 56-43.

POM – Amy!

Jennie P

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