A dry January what now?!

Welcome back you drunken elves/cast from Nativity! Netball is back on the agenda (as if it ever left..!) and we have an awesome second half the season to look forward to!

SUMMER SOCIAL is back again this year at Richmond Rugby club. To be held on Sat 30th May we need to enter a team(s) asap to secure our place. For those of you who don’t know about it think, netball, booze, sun, rugby legs, music…you get the picture! This year we have the option of entering a DODGEBALL team too! Depending on interest we will either enter into both netball & dodgeball or just one. To commit, please put down your name on this link and tick either one OR the other.

Price: £25 – £30 (depending on team numbers)

Deadline: 19th January


Not to forget we’ve got our first matches of 2015 tomorrow, good luck to:

1st vs Cobham AWAY 11.30am

2nds vs Comets HOME 3.00pm

3rds vs Cobham AWAY 12.30pm

Socials vs Webridge AWAY 11.30am

Here’s hoping for a clean sweep to kick start the year! Any questions regarding Summer Social get in touch with Pip or Grace.

Big love and peace out


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