Match Report: 3s vs Highlanders, 27th Sept 2014

Line Up: Anna, Kate, George, Emma B, Ella, Lou J, Amy, Emily


The first quarter was not our best netball with basic errors across the court, some challenges from a tall defence and some problems with timing. We managed to produce some turnovers but were unable to convert.


At quarter time we made a few changes putting Kate into the attack to help bring the ball into our attacking circle. We worked hard on our timing and concentration. This quarter was much better with some good passages of play.


The last half had good passages of play and some good turnovers when defending but basic errors and timing meant we found it hard to capitalise when we had possession.


A big thanks to George, Kate and Ella for subbing for the 3s.


Final score 64-19.

POM: Lou J

Anna C

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