Match Report – 4s Vs Redhill, 2nd Nov

It was a home game, it was Share The Love…it was Time!

After losing the previous match to Hillcrest by 1 teeny weeny goal the 4’s were on track to get their first win of the season. Despite feeling slightly hesitant about the game against Redhill after last season’s encounter, we had a good focussed warm up and were feeling positive from the first whistle. After a great training session with Gilly on Tuesday the focus for the whole game was “Possession, Possession, Possession”.

The first quarter started well, some great defence all the way down the court and great patience in attack when feeding the circle meant we kept the ball moving until the right pass was on, some strong shooting from Pip meant we finished the first quarter 5 ahead.

Feeling confident, we started the second quarter with the aim to pull away by another 5 goals, perhaps we started a bit too confident as Redhill were clearly still up for a win and were out to get us. A few good shots by their shooters the pressure started to build, we managed to keep calm (for the most part) but a couple of minutes of lost concentration meant we had only maintained our lead by 2 goals.

The dreaded third quarter…and some fresh legs in GS from Liz and in C with Mandy we fought on, refusing to give up, possession was key at this stage all we had to do was turn over a few passes and carry on going. We dug deep, we fought hard, we regained our 5 point lead (and breath).

Redhill were starting to lose their confidence and determination, our attack (Lucy & Mandy) worked swimmingly with seamless feeding into the circle, our defence (Jude, Anna and Katy B) didn’t stop hassling their attack. We all worked as a team, providing back up for every pass and the goals kept coming. We were on fire! We pulled away and ended the game with a win of 8 goals: 47-39. JOB DONE!

The support from the sidelines helped massively so thank you to all who came down so early on a Saturday to give some cheers! Massive thanks also to Marnie who gave some invaluable tips as always at quarter time, and also to Anna and Liz for helping us fill the gaps in the squad!

Unfortunately Redhill left before giving us a player of the match, but I’m sure it was only because every player had an amazing game so the decision was just too tough.

Bring on Saturday, another much needed win is hopefully on the cards…watch this space!

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