Match Report: 3s Vs Tiffen, 9th Nov

A sunny Friday with a sunny Sunday predicted…so what does the netball weather God do for us on Saturday? He makes it pour with rain. How did that make me feel? Arghhhhhh! How did it make the rest of my teamies feel? Arghhhhh x 8!

So what do 9 beauties do in such a situation? We parked the fact that we should be wearing a snorkel and flippers and march on court with the attitude that not only are we better swimmers and ice skaters, we are better netball players and we want to win!

If I said it was easy and that we were not kicking ourselves for every silly mistake because we were scared it would lose us the match, then I would be lying. But we were wet NUNs and we were bruised after the loss 2 weeks back (yes I was too busy talking again to write the report) and so we trooped on like the British army in WW1 and WW2 to win!

A 7 point difference by the final whistle made me smile so much my cheeks are still aching! We had all played so well I wanted a share the love moment! We hadn’t all been together as a group at training for a while but everyone took everything they had been taught by Marnie and Gill recently and shared it accordingly and put it in to action. In fact, there were so many square options it was sometimes as difficult as choosing which Special Deal you wanted when in MacDs after a night out (or is that only me?!?)

My special comments go to:

  • Emily for keeping her cool in the circle
  • Liz for moving out and in of that circle like someone on a bungee cord
  • Lou for perfection drives to the top of the D
  • Ash for making her partner tire
  • Ali for playing half a match with half a toe
  • Pip for back up like I had never seen before
  • And Anna for the tips of the day

I wish you had all been there

MOM – Em, but only because they felt sorry for how tired I was and that I will probably have to retire soon due to a falling apart Achilles and an elbow that I can’t even do my bra up with.

PS my godson thinks we should be female proud and say Girl of the Game – GOG!

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