Match Report: NUNS 4s v Hillcrest, 19th Oct

It was a wet and windy Saturday morning when the 4s took to the court against Hillcrest. The first quarter started well with some fantastic work from Lucy J and Lisa in the centre court and strong defence from Lucy G (thanks so much for stepping in) and Jude in the circle. We held all of our centres and quick reactions on turnovers helped us to finish this quarter 10-6 up. The second quarter was incredibly tight. Hillcrest raised their game and showed a lot more fight, meaning that although we managed to maintain our four goal lead to finish the first half 20-16, we really had to work for it.

I’m going to be honest, I have no idea what happened in the third quarter. Whatever it was, I seem to have blocked it out of my memory as it clearly was not good. Although the details are decidedly hazy, it looks highly probable (given the score) that we all went to the pub for a drink at this point. This quarter finished 30-24 to Hillcrest.

Thankfully, if indeed we did pop for a drink in the third quarter, it clearly paid dividends in the fourth. We didn’t let the third quarter slump get to us and really came out fighting. Sarah CC came on at GA and the fresh pair of legs really helped. We fought for every ball (NB. amazing work at GD Katy B) and converted our turnovers. If we’d had another 5 minutes I have no doubt that we would have stormed to victory. Alas, those final 5 minutes were not available and instead we had to make do with a loss by 1 goal: 38-37. So close…but no cigar as some (clearly unoriginal) people would say. Despite the slightly disappointing result, we certainly showed a lot of gumption and I would be willing to bet a (non-third quarter) round of drinks that we’ll beat them next time.

Score: 37-38 Hillcrest

MOM: Elizabeth

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