Match Report: 1sts Vs Gems, 14th Sept

The wind was blowing, the rainy was threatening (and then lashing down) and the 1s were raring to get the season started with a bang with the first of a double header against Gems.

The elements were against us, but we didn’t let this affect our game and we went out raring to go and took the lead from the start.

I have no idea what the quarter time scores were, but I know that we were only leading by 1 with 5 minutes to go and lots of shouting from the Gems sideline.

Some spectacular interceptions from the back three (cue Tamara, Sophie and SJB (or Sarah ‘Wheelchair’ as she would now like to be known…) and we finished the game 44-41!

MOM Rosie – first and likely only ever time!


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