Match Report: 4ths v Roundwood B, 6th October

After an initial tourettes–like splattering of Friday night gossip and never a simple journey to Shirley, Captain Jess with the help of Coach Anna focused us as a team. We all had our individual targets ready to share and team talks were positive. Now we had tasted success we knew it felt good. Spirits were high and the 4ths were ready for Roundwood B…

And we were off… we were on our players denying them space as agreed. Some loud and clear instruction from Katy in defence around the circle and down the court. BALL HOLE  was definitely muttered if not shouted by all.

Defence was strong, Pip caused havoc and their attack made at least 10 (AT LEAST)  passes across the circle edge before Roundwood attack were able to get the ball into the circle to their shooter. Nor did this happen only once, but indeed on numerous occasions. Great work defence! Superb rebound and interceptions by Jose, Pip and Suse who did a last second switch to GK for 1/4.

In attack Jess as ever created great space in and out of the circle. How to escape a floater in defence (young, springy, fit) was something the attack had to adapt to quickly.

For 3 quarters we were around 6 goals down, only a couple of turnovers. YES WE KNOW. We fought really hard. Loose balls / drop balls / toss ups were ours. A mix up of tactics in our defence caused their attack to clash and go down flat  – no time to nod sympathetically we made sure that the ball flew down centre court to our shooters.  However the final score brought group echoes of ewwwws and yuks.

We stuck to our plan of action and worked really hard sticking to our goals and still believing in a win. However Jackson Pollock to geometric triangles, unfortunately this time we wavered at Kadinsky.

Final score: 40 –23 to Roundwood B.

The unanimous decision was that Josie (interceptor, caller, consistent greatness) was man of the match, woo!

GS Rach / Susie

GA Jess
WA Katie C / Mandy / Lucy
C Lucy / Mandy
WD Katy B
GD Pip / Josie / Pip
GK Josie / Susie / Josie
Coach: Anna

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