Match Report: 1sts v Fetcham, 6th October

A lively 1s side plus two (begrudging) supporters in the form of Lauren and Rosie’s other halves took to a worm-strewn court with a good-ish warm up and some strong words about short, sharp passes and no whangers by me. I failed to listen to my own advice and the first quarter started a little shakily with hesitation bringing the ball down the court and balls being thrown off balance too many times.

No change for the second quarter to let us settle into our positions a little more saw an improved performance but too often taking the lazy option of looping the ball over the heads of the opposition coming out of defence and again into the shooting circle. We went into half time 34-11 (or something close).
A quick change of WD legs with Lucy coming on for Rosie meant their attack didn’t have time to relax and we started to work on flatter, faster balls and quick release bringing the ball down the court while staying man on in attack. We ended the quarter 48-19.Deciding that the man on approach was being broken too easily we built on a space filling defence with an overload of calling and efficient switching with the end result being a comfortable 65-25 win.

A focus on sticking to the plan of action more than always taking the easy option so that in a pressure game we can change our game seamlessly without the the warm-up it currently needs.
MOM Marisa – lovingly nicknamed the Netronome by Joe and Scotty

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