Match Report: 3rds v Karisma, 29th September


9 revved up Capital Nuns 3rd team players

1 coach

A bench of supporters


Mix 9 raring to go ladies, who are a little bit rattled from their last match loss.  Make the do a thorough warm up of ball skills, running around and practice of shots.  Give them each cards so they can individually write down 3 objectives they want to achieve over the next hour.  Sit them down as a squad and talk about a team plan too.  Remind them to learn from the last match’s mistakes, but also to focus on a new team and a new style.  Get them on court.

After 15 minutes bring the squad back to the bench, congratulate them on a 6 score lead but don’t let them get complacent.  Keep up that momentum.

At half time discuss why they lost 6 of their 9 turn overs and remind them that although still in the lead by 3, the opposition have changed their layout and are fighting.  Change some players around for no other reason than some fresh legs and different layout.

3/4s in, your players are still holding on to a lead – but it has been reduced again and this time has only 2 in it. Ask them if they want to win – and hear the united shout of YES!!!

Then watch triumphantly as they head back to court, keep their lead and put another two out there.

Result: 39 – 35

MOM the shooting and dummy pass sensation Wai

PS**  A truly well fought for win by the 3rds.  And for no other reason than because we wanted it.  Fitness is looking good, Marnie’s coaching is certainly showing through and we have a whole season ahead to get better.  I personally felt that EVERYONE had a great game and without the 150% concentration and effort from the circle defence the game would have been very different.  Their shooters could shoot so it was about stopping those passes in.  Wai and Jo had the biggest pressure to convert the shots once we had lead the ball down to our circle, and clearly they did it.  Passing in had to be picture perfect too as their defence were very strong and very clean – hence to fouls to help us.   Midcourt watched for each other’s space and the communication for the hour was strong, never negative and I think a big reason to why we won.

Whoop whoop


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