The 4middable Fours V Pleiades B, 12 Sept 2015

Line Up: Laura (C), Lauren, Lucy, Mandy, Tabby, Sylvie, Amy

The 4s arrived on a slightly cloudy morning for a wonderful warm up lead by Sylvie. The first game of the season was at hand and the 4s were ready to go. After winning the toss, bibbing up, a “1, 2, 3, NUNS!!” and taking to court, Mandy stepped into the centre circle, ball in hands and the first whistle blew… We were off.

First quarter nerves didn’t seem to play a part for the new and returning 4s – you really couldn’t tell we hadn’t played together! Some amazing defence saw many intercepts and turn overs and the ball being brought down to the shooters to capitalise on. With two options offered at most passes and amazing noise across the court we lead 14 – 2 at the end of the quarter.

With Kath and Pip on the side lines, some amazing words of advice and help dished out, we went back onto court rearing to go again. We played our hearts out, defence once again on fine form. The quarter seemed to fly by and suddenly half time was upon us. We played through the third quarter with the whole team working really hard on man to man marking and pressuring passes all the way down the court producing some great turn overs.

After an encouraging chat from Kath at third quarter time we were ready. The fourth quarter was not our best, match fitness played a part, and Pleiades managed to pull a few back and turn over a few more than we wanted. We kept our wits about us however and managed to hold our lead, winning the match 37 – 15.

PoM: Lauren


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