Match Report: Capital Onesies V Teddington, 21st March

Well, what a game. The game started with a hiss and a roar and we were quickly away with a steady lead. Excellent hustle through the middle made it difficult for Teddington to get the ball to their shooters, and allowed our defensive unit to pick off some great intercepts. Despite Teddington having deceptively long arms, our attackers had some stellar feeds into our very swift shooting unit, with a few successful and (not so successful) bombs being thrown in from as far past the centre circle. The conclusion made from this was “if only Suz could fly.”


With the goal of versatility play in our sights, we changed to a much shorter and sharper game in the 3rd quarter and were successfully ahead by 20+ goals. BOOM! Versatility here we come. SHS (obviously) stepped in at GA proving that not only is she a good feeder, her shooting style is quite unorthodox, yet very much effective. Janelle and Jean (JJ) joined forces to be the new attacking combo showing off some speedy balls into our shooters. Gilly Mac had a great run at WD showing that she can definitely hustle on D.


Final Score 65- 30 to NUNS


All in all, a very successful game, proving that our team is very much a versatile salada.


Reported by Amz ( supporter and score keeper… and timer)


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