Match Report: 1s vs Teddington – 29th Nov 14 (Kingston)

Squad & starting line-up:


GD: Soph

WD: Jen

C: Chief

WA: Gilly

GA: Apples

GS: Suz



This was one of those games that it felt like it never quite got going. Teddington went 5-0 up straight away. Our ball position and pre-moves were just not happening. Then everyone had a word with themselves and each other and we all started to settle. Good reaction during the quarter rather than waiting until quarter time to change it.

End of the 1st quarter the score was 8 all…nothing like giving ourselves an easy to start to the game!

We remained focused and determined and carried on adding to the scoreboard and there were moments of great flow and movement where the game was looking like how we normally play.

Squad changes at most quarters and everyone adapted and continued to remain focused on securing a win.

Score breakdown:

Q1: 8-8

Q2: 16-13 (to NUNS)

Q3: 26-19 (to NUNS)

Final score: 35 – 27 (to NUNS)

MOM: Chief


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