Match Report: 1s Vs Claygate, 15th Nov 2014 (Kingston League)

Line up: T, Soph, Loz, Chief, Apples, Janelle, Amy, Suz, Ash

Share the Love day at Wimbledon Rugby Club and a chance to test out their new courts. Unfortunately the damp surface couldn’t handle our usual pace of play, so the game was a bit slower and our timing slightly off.

Claygate’s circle defence was tight, and their blindingly good Keeper got her hands to any ball into our shooters that were even slightly in the wrong position. We became a bit more patient and utilised angles around the circle (and along the transverse line) to help with much more accurate feeds. Our defence was just as amazing as ever, turning over lots of balls into circle and picking up all the rebounds. I don’t know how many times I turned my back on the play to set up for the centre pass, only to find the ball was coming back down our way.

In regards to the score – we stormed ahead in the 1st quarter, building up a strong lead of 9. Relaxed slightly in the 2nd, winning by 3. The dreaded 3rd quarter remains our nemesis as we drew 10-all. One final swap in the attack end and, notwithstanding the series of comedy moments, we finished strong, winning the quarter by 5.

Final score 46-29. Not quite double, but something to aim for next time.

Thanks Ash for coming down

MOM: Suz

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