Capital NUNS Socials vs Redhill B

Following his meticulous record-keeping on Saturday, James Casstles was swiftly contracted by Ali C to finish the job and write a scintillating match report. His Mum, ever doubtful of his ability to sustain attention on one single job for more than, mmm, 2 minutes and 14 seconds was a) giddy with pride at this 6 year old’s efforts and b) already writing the “back up” match report in her head, JUST in case he felt strongly that drawing wizards was more important.

Putting a bit more flesh on the bones, (1st draft read “My Mum was awesome and the Nerds won”) NUNS were off to a cautious start and led 14 – 12 at the end of the first quarter (I THINK). We managed to mess a bit with their heads in defence in the second quarter and led by a gap of 9 goals at half time. THEN the mighty Power Rangers ‘powered up’ and stomped all over the court for the next 15 minutes, sinking 10 in a row. Anyway, not lying down just yet, Redhill rallied and kept a lid on NUNS respectable 23 point lead when the final whistle blew.

Final score 58 – 35 to NUNS

Hooray for a trouncing end-of-season win and down to the pub for lashings of ginger beer!

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