The London Marathon Countdown is On!

Wow doesn’t time fly! I can’t believe the last time I sent this email I had 10 weeks till the London Marathon and now it’s NEXT WEEK! Over the last 5 months of training there has been blood, buckets of sweat (and the occasional tear!) but I will not be beaten – it will be worth it once I cross that finishing line (or so I am told!)

Training is still going well and I am pleased to say that I have reached the 20 mile mark so I’m almost there! So far I have raised £1,945.20 so my target of £2,500 is almost in sight. Thank you so much again to everyone who has sponsored me so far and for all the support you are giving me, it has helped so much and your donations will make a huge difference too.

If anyone else would still like to donate to Beanstalk and The Stroke Association then my link is below.

Hopefully my next email will be telling you that I made it in once piece!



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