Match Report: NUNS 1s v Karisma (Kingston) 10/10/13

Line up:
Gilly Mac

A bit of a dreary Saturday, nowhere to park, but a game indoors so it’s not all bad…..or is it?! Rarely do you turn round & wish you we’re outside in the drizzle, but warm doesn’t even begin to describe it……bikram netball come on down!

The focus was to go out hard from the first whistle, all passes to come from the shoulder to set our team mates up for the quick release ball all the way down the court.

NUNS started with a good pace & were about 10 ahead at quarter time.  We managed to pull further ahead in the second quarter & the NUNS continued to show great squad strength by switching the line up at the start of each quarter.

The Karisma shooters were rarely missing so it was vitally important to put pressure on the ball right from their back line & try & prevent the ball getting into their attacking circle.

Their circle defence also had an incredible reach (it’s not often someone challenges Becky’s reach) so an excellent opportunity to ensure we worked it round in attack and didn’t rely on the high long ball in.

Nuns came away with a good win, 54-29, although the score line doesn’t reflect fully how hard we had to continue to work to keep moving ahead.

Rehydration (in the pub) was strictly followed with our opposition as they’re a friendly bunch!

MOM – Laura
(2nd choice MOM Lozza) – noted under club captain’s orders.

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