GI JOE Fitness Training – are you hooked yet?!

As all the regulars will be sure to note – the GI JOE fitness sessions are defo making a difference!*   All the regulars – it’s your job to spread the news and bring a fellow NUNS to the next few sessions!

GI JOE will continue to provide outdoor fitness sessions for NUNS, focussing on general fitness, endurance, speed, agility, core-stability and coordination. The sessions are one-hour long beastings to achieve rapid progress while having a bit of fun. Exercises might include bear-crawls, crab-walks, knee-tag, netball-rugby, ladder drills, hurdles, tabatas amongst other drills.

Current sessions:

  • Monday night outdoor session (7-8pm) at Spencer Park, which is open to all members of NUNS as well as other sportsteams following an invite.
  • Sunday session (10.30-11.30am) at Spencer Park, which is open to all members of NUNS and anyone looking to get fit.

All the regulars and doodlebug lovers – Manage your availability and commitment to attend these sessions here!
Cost: NUNS rate: £4/person

Team building sessions tailored for your team!!

Rumour has it that teams have enquired to have GI JOE training all to themselves for an entire session.  GI Joe is not one to disappoint and commits to the below:

GI JOE will be running team-only sessions for NUNS, which will be tailored to the requirements of the specified team’s requests. These sessions could take place any time on a Sunday (except 10-30-11.30).

Costs: NUNS rate: £4/person

Get onboard – have fun and get fit while doing so!  As per usual, more detailed information can be found in the Members Area.

*Text of the month received from Ella: Tell Joe I’m SO SORRY I’m going to be late – tell him I promise to do a 100 burpies when I get there!!!

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