Match Report: 4ths Vs CMO, 13th April

This match happened a while ago now so I hope my memory serves me well…a lot has happened since…mainly the ball…followed by a terrible hangover and a complete memory blank.

Despite playing at home we knew this would be a tough game, CMO are top of the league but our previous game against them gave us hope after only just losing it in the last quarter.

When they turned up late and with only 6 players for the first 5 minutes we thought our luck was in. We were wrong. The first 5 mins saw them fight extra hard to make up for the lack of players on court, add in a few unforced errors by us, we finished the first quarter with our tail between our legs and down 5-12. This was not in the game plan!

The second quarter improved massively, we dug deep, we stuck like glue and we were determined to fight back. After some great pressure by every player down the court and improved shooting, we drew the quarter 16-23. This was more like it!

After a good chat at half time we started the third quarter with enthusiasm and determination, they were rattled by our strong comeback and we were raring to go. Some great turnovers in defence, more awesome shooting and feeding in attack we were playing just how we knew we could. We won the quarter and closed the gap by two, finishing 26-31! There was still a glimmer of hope!

They were clearly unhappy by our amazing third quarter and were not willing to give up the fight; they caught us off guard with some great interceptions and some very accurate shooting. We made a few silly mistakes and started to panic, the pressure was on. Despite some moments of brilliance we were too far behind to make up the difference but we fought till the end and refused to give up. The last quarter ended 34-42.

Some moments of greatness to take away from the game, and on any other day we could have done it – I want a rematch!

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