Match Report: 3rds v Highlanders, 13th October

After the dreaded 7am wake up to venture out to Croydon on a dreary Saturday morning, we all switched in to game mode to take on the Highlanders in what we knew was going to be a physical match. Highlanders have had a good start to the season so coach Marnie had us well prepared with our goals for the match, the 3 P’s: Pressure on the ball, Patience and Play to win.

Starting line up: Rhonda (GS), Liz (GA), Lou (WA), Ali (C), Emma (WD), Amanda (GD), Anna C (GK)

Subs: Ashlee and Lisa

While we adjusted to the outdoor playing conditions well, we didn’t quite apply our goals too well off the blocks. With an untidy start to the 1st quarter Highlanders were all over us and we were down 13-4 after the first 15. After a good talking to from Marns during the break we were ready to tidy up in the attacking end, apply more discipline and lift the pressure to try and rattle the opposition. With Rhonda now out at GA and Lisa on at GD, we started to pick up our game in the 2nd quarter, however we were still down 29-14.

We were now starting to apply the 3 P’s and ready for a strong second half. The 3 rd quarter saw changes in attack and defence with Ash on at C and Lisa and Amanda in the keeping circle. We kicked off the 3rd quarter with a strong few turnovers and we really began to get on top with pressure on the ball. We finished the 3rd quarter down 37-29 (15-8 in our favour for the 3rd quarter).

The last quarter saw Ali back on at WA. We stormed through the 4th quarter with outstanding pressure on the ball resulting in an impressive number of turnovers. You know your defensive goals are working when the opposition are telling each other to calm down. We got very close but unfortunately still finished down at the final whistle.

Final score: 43-36 to Highlanders

MOM: Emma B

A big thank you to Rhonda for filling in for us in the shooting circle.

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