Match Report: 4ths v Chequers, Sat 22nd Sept

Lying on the pavement outside Southfields Community College, with ripped jeans and bloody knees 20 mins before the game started I didn’t think it was going to be a good day. But 1.5 hours later the 4ths were celebrating their first league win in about 18 months!!!

The line-up….
GS: Rach S
GA: Jess
WA: Lucy / Katie C
C: Katie C / Lucy
WD: Katy B
GD: Pip
GK: Josie / Rach W

We were off to a flying start in the first 5 minutes, really confident in mid-court and attack and their shooters struggled to trouble us. 4-0 up and it looked like we were going to cruise. However we gradually let them in and signs of last season were coming back with us making it much harder for ourselves than it needed to be. End of the first quarter we were ahead 11-10.

During the break we had some words of advice from Anna on the sidelines and a swap in defence with me coming on for Josie at GK, but we still weren’t on top form and during the quarter we weren’t able to get back that lead. Communication was good but we needed to start making noise all the way down the court. We were sometimes struggling to get it into Rach S and Jess with their defence making a few lucky interceptions. Pippa was sticking to their troublesome GA really well but they started doing these really annoying rolling balls into the GS. We ended up down 21-20 at half time.
If it had been last season I think our heads would have dropped and that infamous bad third quarter would have sunk us. But not this season. We really wanted it and knew we could do it. Anna and Marnie gave us some more pointers and targets for the quarter (thank you!) and we went out and showed em how we can play. Rachel was being “taller, stronger, longer” more than ever before. Jess was sinking shots from all over the place. Katie C, Katy B and Lucy were solid, defending all the way down the court, making lots of noise and the feeds into the circle was spot on. In defence Pip and I who have not played together much were starting to click with some good turnovers. We ended the quarter up by 9!

In the fourth quarter it was much of the same and despite Chequers trying their best we pulled further away. Marnie set us the goal of 4 turnovers and with the help of some amazing intercepts from Josie who came back on at GK we got them easily.
Final score:  54-36 VICTORY!!!

Well played fourths! The first of many great performances and wins this season.

Rach W

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