Match Report – 3rds v Barnes, 15th September

The thirds first match of the season was at home against Barnes, who had come up from Surrey Premier D.  There was a bit of trepidation in the air as, due to late summer holidays, we had a mixed squad who hadn’t played together.  A big thank you to Sarah CC, Mandy and Zoe, who stepped in.

After the prerequisite start-of-the season “forgetting to do the teas”, the quick rush to Tescos and the classy cutting oranges by the side of the court, we settled down to a focused warm up.  But despite lots of support within the team, it wasn’t going to be our day.

They were all tall and we struggled.  I won’t unpick the difficulties but the final score was 22-47.  Good things to note were that we managed to adapt from quarter to quarter – deliberately applying new tactics, especially in defence and mid court.  Amanda and Lisa worked their hearts out in the defensive circle and made it harder for them.  And we concentrated on the basic attacking drives and passing that Marnie had been drilling us on.

On court the score line gap didn’t feel that wide and there was lots of support.  But this wasn’t the start we wanted.  And we know we’re going to need to pick it up significantly.  Hopefully we’ll whip them on the away leg!

Our thanks to Rhonda for coming along to support and advise.  And to the socials who came early to cheer us on in the second half.  And congratulations to the tireless Emma B, our man of the match.

Onwards and upwards!

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