At Capital N.U.N.S. we have 5 awesome teams to be a part of!

Our 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th team commit to training and competing most Saturdays at a high level in each of their leagues.

We also have a 5th ‘Legends’ team which is a competing team only, for N.U.N.S. alumni who want to continue to play a good standard of netball but can’t commit to regular training.

To ensure teams play each week all teams, except the Legends, are entered into at least two leagues:

  • First team leagues: Surrey County, Kingston Div 1, Poly Div 1
  • Second team leagues: Met Div 1 & Poly Div 2
  • Third team leagues: Surrey Prem B & Kingston Div 5
  • Fourth team leagues: Surrey Div 1 & Kingston Div 5
  • Legends team league: Met Div 4

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